Firm Philosophy

Business is a lot like baseball. If you're going to carve out a win, you have to have big league talent. Click on all nines. And have a dynamic team.

One of the key players you want on your team is an aggressive, sophisticated law firm. One that stays a step ahead of the competition.

Friedman, Enriquez & Carlson is that kind of firm. We can help you build your business on a rock-solid foundation, keep it running smoothly and help prevent the commission of costly errors.

FE&C is a full-service, boutique law firm with extensive big league experience and seasoned lawyers who can go to bat for you. The partners learned the game playing for other major league law firms and then established their own major league practice. That enables FE&C to compete with larger firms in terms of the caliber of its lawyers and the quality of its work. You'll find that its client roster is well rounded, ranging from beginning to high net-worth entrepreneurs and small to large companies and businesses.

Whether you're starting or running a business - or facing complex legal problems and potential or actual litigation - Friedman, Enriquez & Carlson can help you develop a winning strategy. When the competition tries to throw you out, we'll be there to assure that you make it home safely.